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It all started with the "House Wilken", built by Johann Voß and Elisabeth Hoffmann in 1754.
This building, located in the "Great Street", contained the popular "Bauernschänke" until it was
finally demolished in 1932. During the following year, August Wilken rebuilt the house to the
hotel as it still is today and managed it until Norbert Wilken took over in 1972.
August Wilken died in 1992.

Today the hotel is run by Ulrich Wilken. The trained cook and hotelier is enjoying his work and
always thinks of some new ideas to present to his guests.

Have you tried our famous "Wilken Anton'schen"? On the left you can see the inventor of this
aromatic cordial (which you can only enjoy in our house), holding the future head of the
first generation, August Wilken.

Treat yourself to this delicacy before dinner as an appetizer or afterwards as a digestive schnapps.

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